Thursday, 1 May 2014

Night thoughts

Greetings everybody,

    As I lay back in a park bench, I gaze at the blackened, deep and silent sky. Suddenly, the sky started to lighten up, constructing multiple amazing drawings. It was like Leonard da Vinci had been sent by the gods to magnify my sight with creativity and wonder. Like the “Mona Lisa”, the stars can be mysterious and seductive at the same time; making us wonder why they exist but at the same never really wanting it, because it´s the secret that makes them so interesting and appealing.

    If stars were living things or persons, they would probably be great waltz dancers in the big theater we all known as The Universe. I see them interpreting the amazing musical pieces of Johann Strauss II or Tchaikovsky; dancing, twirling, jumping and delighting their audience until the rising of a new day. The night can be everything and be nothing at the same time, an endless book of astonishing tales.

See you next time.

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